Glacial and periglacial relief of the Central Himalayas and the Tatras. A comparative studies.

Date: 2012-01-01 - 2014-12-31

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Zofia Rączkowska

Contractors: Paweł Prokop, Zofia Rączkowska

Foreign partner: Uniwersytet Kuamun w Nainital, Zakład Geografii

The project deals with glacial and periglacial relief in the Central Himalayas and in the Tatras. The studies concentrate on glacial and periglacial landforms of the areas along which the glaciers in the Himalayas are retreated in the recent past. The Pindari valley is main study area. Remote sensing data supported by field work (detailed geomorphological mapping) are significant in data generation. 

The particular project objectives are following:

  • Identification of spatial distribution of glacial and periglacial areas using remote sensing data and to delineate on a map of the suitable scale, preferably 1:12 500;
  • Mapping of the spatial and temporal retreat of glacier, especially their snouts and extension of periglacial area based on multi dated images of the glaciated areas;
  • Evaluation of glacial and periglacial deposition age which will be helpful to determine the movement of the glaciers in the recent past;
  • Identification of the regularities in the deglaciation pattern and periglacial transformation of glacial landforms of study areas.

It is assumed that comparative studies will be helpful to identify the global climatic trend as these two high-mountains areas situated in the different climatic zones, and to unfold the changing climatic conditions and paleogeomorphological environment prevailing in the recent past.


Abstracts, reviews, notes

  • Rączkowska Zofia, Joshi Ramesh Ch.: Impact of extreme rainfalls on recent relief transformation of the upper Pindari Valley, Kumaun Himalaya, India. [w]: Gradualism vs Catastrophism in Landscape Evolution. International Conference held in Barnaul, Russia, July 2-4, 2015. Extended abstracts. Barnaul: Publishing House of Alati State University, 2015 - s. 60-61.
  • Rączkowska Zofia, Joshi Ramesh J.: Relief of the Pindari valley (Kumaun Himalaya) and its recent transformation. [w]: IGU 2014 Book of Abstracts. Cracow: IGU, 2014 - 1 s.


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