The development of the system of cities of Warsaw metropolitan region in the light of change regarding functional and population structure

Date: 2011-06-13 - 2015-06-12

Supervisor: Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak

Contractors: Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak

Orderer institution: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
No.: N N306 057340

(project własny)

The project aims at identyfing main development trends and potential in the system of cities of the emerging Warsaw metropolitan region.Within the four-year project a set of 16 towns in the emerging Warsaw metropolitan region is analysed with respect to their evolving functional profile. In the course of the analysis three zones of the hypothetical urban-rural region of Warsaw are identified: the metropolitan area, the intermediate zone and the urban-rural hinterland. Focus is mainly put on the so called cultural-cognitive sector. The analyses carried out in the framework of the project include statistical comparisons of the employment structure with regard to chosen sectors, as well as indepth interviews with local experts and professionals in three case study towns. The interviews with local professionals refer to the carrier paths of the interviewees, at the same time providing knowledge on the local performance of the occupational groups they represent. In its theoretical dimension the coordinator of the project refers to a self-elaborated: contemporary, sustainable and dynamic concept of the metropolitan region, as well as to the concept of the urban-rural region as elaborated within the EU 6 FP PLUREL.



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Abstracts, reviews, notes

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