Impact of global economic processes on local development

Date: 2011-12-16 - 2014-06-15

Supervisor: Tomasz Komornicki

Contractors: Tomasz Komornicki, Rafał Wiśniewski, Barbara Szejgiec-Kolenda

Orderer institution: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
No.: 2011/01/B/HS4/03694

Main project’s goals comprise: 1) assessment of impact of global processes, with a particular focus on the economic slow-down 2008-2009, on the economic condition of Polish powiats, 2) investigating the significance of non-mobile resources and locally conditioned developmental processes for maintaining by Polish powiats competitive capabilities within the system of global economy, 3) assessment of local mechanisms allowing Polish powiats to adapt to global changes occurring in the world economy, 4) verification, in the Polish circumstances, of the new economic geography indications as regards the desirable directions in the development policy.

The subject matter of the project is of interdisciplinary nature and allows for carrying on research studies on the bases of both economic sciences as well as of socio-economic geography. This provides an opportunity for utilizing the synergy existing between these disciplines. Elaborate literature of the subject does not provide all the necessary answers, especially about factual role of locally conditioned factors in the adaptive processes of territorial units in response to changes in a global economy or about effectiveness in that respect of various combinations of local resources and processes. The proposed project attempts to bridge that gap. Ultimately, as a result of the carried out investigation, the project should provide answers to questions such as “whether economic growth and maintaining the polycentric settlement structure are mutually complementary as goals of development policy, and possible to be simultaneously achieved”, or “whether it is necessary to reorient the development policy and supporting it the EU cohesion policy towards taking into account, to a larger extent, the local resources and developmental processes”. In addition, a method of assessment of local developmental factors conditioning the competitiveness of a given territorial unit, challenged by the increasing processes of economic globalization, will be devised. The Polish authorities will be equipped with a helpful instrument for dialogue with the European Commission in view of the expected evolution of changes in the cohesion policy.

In addition to thetwo employeesIGiPZprojectalso participatesAssoc. Prof.JacekZaucha(Faculty ofEconomics of the Universityof Gdansk,GdyniaMaritime Institute).


Abstracts, reviews, notes

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Articles, chapters, papers and others

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Maps, atlases

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