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Assoc. Prof. Michał Niedzielski
Department of Urban and Population Studies
Office 327
Phone +48 226978827


  • 2005-2009 - PhD studies: The Ohio State University, Department of Geography (promotor prof. M O'Kelly)
  • 2003-2005 - MA studies: The Ohio State University, Department of Geography (promotor prof. M O'Kelly)
  • 1999-2003 - BA studies: DePaul University, Department of Geography

Academic career and degrees

  • 2017-2019 - Scholarship holder of POLONEZ National Research Center's program with funds UE Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)
  • 2017 - Associate Professor, University of North Dakota
  • 2011-2017 - Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota
  • 2009-2011 - Visiting Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Research interests

  • Geography of transport
  • Spatial accessibility (transport)
  • Spatial optimization
  • Urban spatial diversification (socio-economic structure)
  • Commuting to work

Selected publications

Articles, chapters

  • Niedzielski, M.A., O’Kelly, M.E. and E.E. Boschmann. Synthesizing spatial interaction data for social science research: Validation and an investigation of spatial mismatch in Wichita, Kansas. Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems 54, 2015, 204-218. [IF: 1.520; SJR: Q1]
  • Niedzielski, M.A. and E.E. Boschmann. Travel time and distance as relative accessibility in the journey to work. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 104(6), 2014, 1156-1182. [IF: 2.291; SJR: Q1]
  • Niedzielski, M.A., Horner, M.W., and N. Xiao. Analyzing Scale Independence in Jobs-Housing and Commute Efficiency Metrics. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 58, 2013, 129-143. [IF: 2.725; SJR: Q1]
  • O’Kelly, M.E., Niedzielski, M.A., and J. Gleeson. Spatial Interaction Models from Irish Commuting Data: Variations in Trip Length by Occupation and Gender. Journal of Geographical Systems 14(4), 2012, 357-387. [IF: 1.366; SJR: Q1]
  • Niedzielski, M.A., and E.J. Malecki. Making Tracks: Rail Networks in World Cities. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 102(6), 2012, 1409-1431. [IF: 2.110; SJR: Q1]
  • van Beynen, P., Niedzielski, M.A., Białkowska-Jelińska, E., Alsharif, K., and J. Matusick. Comparative Study of Specific Groundwater Vulnerability in a Karst Aquifer in Central Florida. Applied Geography 32(2), 2012, 868-877. [IF: 2.779; SJR: Q1]
  • O’Kelly, M.E., and M.A. Niedzielski. Are long commute distances inefficient and disorderly? Environment & Planning A 41(11), 2009, 2741-2759. [IF: 1.763; SJR: Q1]
  • Niedzielski, M.A. and P. Śleszyński. Analyzing accessibility by transport mode in Warsaw, Poland. Geographia Polonica 81(2), 2008, 61-78.
  • O'Kelly, M.E., and M.A. Niedzielski. Efficient spatial interaction: attainable reductions in metropolitan average trip length. Journal of Transport Geography 16(5), 2008, 313-323. [IF: 1.418; SJR: Q1]
  • Niedzielski, M.A. A spatially disaggregated approach to commuting efficiency. Urban Studies 43(13), 2006, 2485-2502. [IF: 1.301; SJR: Q1]
  • van Beynen, P., Niedzielski, M.A., Białkowska-Jelińska, E., and K. Alsharif. 2018. “Investigating Groundwater Vulnerability of a Karst Aquifer in Tampa Bay, Florida.” In W.B. White, J.S. Herman, E.K. Herman, and M. Rutigliano (Eds.), Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health, Springer.



Articles, chapters, papers and others | Abstracts, reviews, notes

Articles, chapters, papers and others

Abstracts, reviews, notes

  • Niedzielski M., 2019, Spatial inequities in modal accessibility disparities, Towards spatial justice - territorial development or marginalization. Warsaw Regional Forum 2019. Book of abstracts, Instytut Geografii i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania PAN, Warszawa, , s. 34.
  • Niedzielski M., 2018, Access to non-work activities: What is the impact of daily labour mobility?, [w:] Red. Wanda Miczorek, A World of Flows: Labour Mobility, Capital and Knowledge in an Age of Global Reversal and Regional Revival. 2018 Annual Conference, 3rd –6th June 2018 Università della Svizzera italiana Lugano, Switzerland, Regional Studies Association, Lugano, , s. 149-150.
  • Niedzielski M., 2017, Assessing the horizontal and vertical equity of job accessibility, Space and flows. Warsaw Regional Forum 2017, 18-20 October 2017. Programme and Book of Abstracts, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences et al., Warsaw, , s. 49.
  • Niedzielski M., Śleszyński P., 2007, Ready, set, go: the coming urban sprawl explosion in Warsaw, Poland, Association of American Geographers 2007 Annual Meeting, San Francisko, California, Association of American Geographers, San Francisco, 1 s.