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Signing an agreement with Ministry of Regional Development

Podpisanie porozumienia między MRR a IGiPZ PAN

We inform, that in 5th of July 2012 under-secretary Marceli Niezgoda and prof. Marek Degórski, signed agreement on cooperation between Ministry of Regional Development and Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS in the range of spatial management and territorial dimension.

The agreement defines the principles of cooperation between Ministry and the Institute on a wide range of activity, connected to the spatial organization and planning. The plans may be used for the execution of Ministry of Regional Development tasks concerning the national politics of Spatial Organization, national policies possessed spatial dimension, and works resulted from European commitments related to territorial aspects of public policy.

Ministry of Regional Development cooperates with the Institute as a key partner, next to the National Council of Spatial Management and Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, Polish Academy of Sciences, in the field of:

  • Concept for Polish Spatial Organization Policy 2030,
  • National Strategy of Regional Development 2010-2020,
  • range of activities in territorial EU policy,
  • ESPON and URBACT projects,
  • urban policy.

Conclusion of the agreement made it possible for the Ministry to use the specialized experts knowledge, exchange of experiences, provision of rapid and unlimited access to the latest
research and analyses prepared in the Institute, compatible with demand for Ministry of Regional Development current works. These can include: preparation of the assumption in KPZK 2030 monitoring, or consultancy scoping analysis of changes in spatial structure of Poland and Europe.

Cooperation will be include in particular a survey of analyses on territorial dimension of the European public policies, joint-organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings referring to spatial aspects of public policies, specially regional policy in context of planning and spatial organization presented in national and European level. Exchange of knowledge and experiences will be useful in evaluation of current strategic command papers and in consultancy on essentials related to Ministry of Regional Development activities. Our Institute, in cooperation with the Ministry is planning common scientific publications in publishing series, containing research results relating to spatial organization and territorial dimension, monitoring of the spatial structure change, functional areas, including urban and metropolitan areas.


The Ministry of Regional Development of Poland has a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the Conference on Territorial development challenges – visions of Europe & Poland which will be an attempt of confronting the Participants with the development challenges in Europe and in Poland. The conference will be organized on 22-23 November 2012 in Warsaw, in the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland, 2/4 Wspólna Street.

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