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Warsaw Regional Forum 2015

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS together with Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of the Republic of Poland and Polish Geographical Society invite on Warsaw Regional Forum 2015 -  "Territorial uncertainty and vulnerability as a challenge for urban and regional policy" (14-16 October 2015, Warsaw).

This year's Forum will be focused on the concept of territorial uncertainty and vulnerability based on a foundation of different sciences across multiple disciplines (geography, economy, sociology, regional studies, spatial planning, environmental studies, etc.) as well as on the basis of political documents of varied level.

In particular, the Forum 2015 sessions will be built upon the discussions on the following dilemmas and research questions:

  • Vulnerability and resilience of cities/towns
  • Resilience of natural environment to spatial and economic changes
  • The role of infrastructure in promoting the development and safety in the regions 
  • Stability of local development vs. regional and European policy
  • Social transformations vs. instability of development
  • Public management under varied social and economic conditions

Please visit conference website where you can find further information.

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