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PEATHOT-Siberian peatlands as an archives of climate warming and longterm carbon dynamics

Date: -

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Michał Słowiński

Contractors: Michał Słowiński, Dominika Łuców

Acronym: PEATHOT
Program: H2020 (INTERACT)
Leading partner: Lund University
Orderer institution: H2020 (INTERACT)
No.: Grant Agreement No. 730938
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We start this project this summer and the first goal of the project was collected peat cores located on a latitudinal gradient from North to South from peat bogs of West Siberia. In order to obtain biogenic sediment for multi-proxy analysis, we excavated six-peat monoliths from different mires. Moreover, the 76 surface samples from different mires were taken in order to build a Testate amoeba calibration data set for a quantitative water table reconstruction from this past Siberia. Surface samples were taken along a wet-dry gradient from pools to the hummock.

Using the multiproxy approach (pollen, macrofossils, testate amoebae, charcoal), we would like to explore the issues that interest us: 1) past relations of drought and fires in Western Siberia during the last millennium; 2) peat bog ecosystem functioning in the context of global climate change and permafrost thaw; 3) the human impact on the Siberian landscape over the last 1000 years.

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