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Egzogenic processes as anthropopression indicators in water reservoirs’ influence zone- continuation

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Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Halina Kaczmarek

Contractors: Dariusz Brykała, Piotr Gierszewski, Halina Kaczmarek, Michał Słowiński, Sebastian Tyszkowski

Foreign partner: Institute of the Earth's Crust, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Irkutsk

The aim of this project is to evaluate the changes of abiotic components of the environment under the influence of anthropopression connected with the formation and exploitation of water reservoirs. The subject matter will be the egzogenic processes that take place in the lowland water reservoirs’ influence zone of Northern Poland and Eastern Siberia. The nature of egzogenic processes, their mechanism and development tempo are an excellent indicator of environmental changes. The results of this research will enable to evaluate the stability of marked geocomplexes on exterior impacts and make it possible to predict their changes in time.


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