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Internal peripheries in Poland and Romania – role of endogenous and exogenous factors in their development processes

Date: -

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Konrad Czapiewski

Contractors: Jerzy Bański, Denis Cerić, Konrad Czapiewski, Tomasz Komornicki, Marcin Mazur, Damian Mazurek, Rafał Wiśniewski

Orderer institution: Polska Akademia Nauk
No.: WZ-082-2/19

(project inny)

The intraregional socio-economic disparities are an increasingly significant planning and research issue. The main aim of the common project is the evaluation of the internal peripheries of socio-economic development in Romania and Poland with focus on the role of endogenous and exogenous factors in their development processes. The final result of researches will have the common solutions serving the practical problems connected with economy and social development of internal peripheries in both countries.

Analysis and comparison of processes occurred on intraregional peripheries in Poland and Romania will serve to describe the differences and scale of development between investigated regions. Determination of main reasons which favorable the development of peripheral areas allows to point out the main trends responsible for overcoming the disadvantages arising from the location. It may help the spatial planning policy makers to easier development planning on peripheral areas and creation appropriate development policy. 

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