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Hidden cultural heritage in the abandoned landscape - identification and interpretation using airborne LIDAR

Date: -

Supervisor: Andrzej Affek

Contractors: Andrzej Affek

Orderer institution: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
No.: 2012/05/N/ST10/03520

(project PRELUDIUM)

Understanding and possible protection of cultural heritage (wanted or unwanted, produced intentionally or as a side effect) is the responsibility of civil society conscious of its roots and history that shaped them.The main scientific objectives of the project are:

  1. identification of elements of cultural heritage hidden under tree canopy and recorded in the relief in the abandoned landscape with the use of airborne laser scanning, 
  2. determining the cause and time of creation of elements of cultural heritage recorded in the relief, 
  3. determining the status of conservation and persistence of cultural heritage elements and their dependence on chosen external factors, 
  4. finding out the historical and current landscape function of chosen elements of cultural heritage recorded in the relief.

Basic research hypotheses: 

  1. There are more elements of cultural heritage recorded in the relief in the upper Wiar River catchment than recognized during previous archaeological or geographic studies. 
  2. The elements of the cultural heritage once performing a specific function for the human being now last in isolation from its original function. 
  3. Selected elements of cultural heritage detached from the originally assigned functions acquire new ecological function. 
  4. The elements of cultural heritage last in better condition under tree canopy than in open space.

There will be three groups of complementary research methods applied in the project: 

  • remote sensing
    • airborne laser scanning [LIDAR]
    • aerial photographs taken simultaneously with laser scanning
  • fieldwork
    • LIDAR data verification – GPS location of elements of cultural heritage
    • gathering additional information regarding the time and cause of creation of cultural heritage elements
    • photographic documentation
  • analysis of archival cartographic and descriptive materials.



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