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Analysis of challenges, needs and potentials of the CENTRAL EUROPE area and strategic orientations in view of the transnational cooperation for the period 2014-2020

Date: -

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Jerzy Bański

Contractors: Mariola Ferenc, Michał Konopski, Marcin Mazur

Leading partner: ÖIR (Austriacki Instytut Studiów Regionalnych i Planowania Przestrzennego)
Orderer institution: Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego (EFRR)
No.: MA 27-16/12

The first phase of the project is to define the methodology and develop appropriate research tools. The second stage consists of diagnosis of challenges and needs of the regions examined (80 regions at NUTS 2 level) on the basis of available statistical data and internet surveys. Basing on the SWOT analysis (determination of internal "strong" and "weak" points as well as external opportunities and threats) and the conclusions drawn from telephone interviews, the potentials and barriers for  development of the research area are identified. The third stage is a proposal of activities as part of international cooperation for the period 2014-2020.

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