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Hydro-geomorphological consequences of the construction and functioning of water canals

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Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Dariusz Brykała

Contractors: Piotr Gierszewski, Halina Kaczmarek, Michał Słowiński, Sebastian Tyszkowski

Foreign partner: Instytut Wykorzystania Zasobów Przyrody Narodowej Akademii Nauk Białorusi
No.: 13

The aim of this project is to evaluate the changes of abiotic components of the environment under the influence of human impact connected with the construction and exploitation of artificial water ways. The subject matter will be the egzogenic processes that take place in the lowland water canals in Poland and Belarus. Research will be carried out on different scale objects functioning under similar conditions. The study will be concentrate on hydro-system of some examples in Poland (Górnonotecki Canal, Bydgoski Canal and Ostródzko-Elbląski Canal in Poland) and Belarus (Dnepr-Bug Canal, Oginski Canal and Augustowski Canal).


Articles, chapters, papers and others

  • Vitali Badziai, Brykała Dariusz: Dneprovsko-Bugskij i Oginskij kanaly, kak primery istoriceskogo, tehniceskogo i prirodnogo nasledija. [w]: Problemy prirodopolzovanija: itogi i perspektivy. Red. A.K. Karabanov et al. Minsk: Institut prirodopol'zovanija NAN Belarusi, 2012 - s. 274-276.

Abstracts, reviews, notes

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