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Modelling of processes and relationships in various environmental systems at the varied spatial scales

Date: -

Supervisor: Jerzy Solon

Contractors: Ewa Roo-Zielińska, Jerzy Solon, Jolanta Więckowska, Ewa Kołaczkowska, Edyta Regulska

Description: A general objective of the studies carried out at varied spatial scales (inter alia, catena, landscape, region, the whole of Poland) is getting familiar with and modelling of such elements as regularities that govern the spatial structure and the functioning and also biological diversification of ecological systems of various rank levels (from ecosystem to landscape). These studies deal with three principal issues:

  1. Abiotic conditions and human impact as factors exerting influence on typological differentiation and biological diversity of plant communities.
  2. Impact of habitat differentiation and fragmentation of land use on ecosystem and species diversity in a landscape.
  3. Ecological scales of indicative values as substituent indicators in determining of relationships between vegetation and environment features.

These regularities should be expressed in the form of dependency models (from simple statistical models to more complex ones being of a cause-effect character). It is envisaged that once in a few years collective, multi-author works will be published, presenting a sum-up of the most important findings of research.


Editorial publications

  • Regulska Edyta, Solon Jerzy (red.): Ogólnopolska konferencja naukowa "Krajobraz z komputera". Abstrakty referatów i posterów. Warszawa: IGiPZ PAN; PAEK, 2014 - 61 s.
  • Solon Jerzy, Regulska Edyta, Affek Andrzej (red.): Współczesne metody badań krajobrazu. Warszawa: IGiPZ PAN; Polska Asocjacja Ekologii Krajobrazu, 2014 - 244 s. (Problemy Ekologii Krajobrazu; 38)

Abstracts, reviews, notes

  • Kruczkowska Bogusława, Kołaczkowska Ewa, Regulska Edyta: Zastosowanie modelu LISEM w badaniach naturalnych przekształceń środowiska. [w]: Ogólnopolska Konferencja Naukowa „Krajobraz z Komputera”. Abstrakty referatów i posterów. Red. Edyta Regulska, Jerzy Solon. Warszawa: IGiPZ PAN; PAEK, 2014 - s. 29-30.


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