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Spatial and temporal peculiarities of contemporary variability of forests in the Eastern European age-old mastering regions

Date: -

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Jan Marek Matuszkiewicz

Contractors: Jarosław Baranowski, Anna Kowalska, Anna Kozłowska, Jan Marek Matuszkiewicz

Foreign partner: Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow

The project dealt with the historical and current forest communities of Russian and Polish age-old mastering regions. The comparison of the phytosociological relevés, collected during the field-work, allowed to find out the scope of natural and anthropogenic variations of plant communities, determining their succession as well as temporal and spatial variability. Biotic and abiotic (mainly climatic) factors of this variability were revealed.

The investigation encompassed following tasks:

  • comparative analysis of forests communities’ historical and current relevés,
  • analyses of various biodiversity parameters’ trends (species richness, chorological species groups, diversity of vegetation units),
  • climatic dependence of the main forest phytocoenosis and revealing of the representative climatic groups of species.

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