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Scenarios for development and visions of Poland`s rural space in a long-term perspective

Date: -

Supervisor: Jerzy Bański

Contractors: Jerzy Bański, Konrad Czapiewski, Marcin Mazur

Orderer institution: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
No.: 2011/01/B/HS4/00840

One of the key scientific objectives of the project is elaboration of theoretical basis for visions and scenarios of development for rural areas. It will result in creation of the theoretical and methodological bases for preparing long-term visions and scenarios of spatial development for rural areas in Poland.

The second, no less important, issue is elaborating the vision of Polish countryside in a perspective of 30-40 years. This task will be a tangible verification of the first objective. Alternative visions of rural space for 2050 will draw upon various scenarios of development. Also, the author of the project will turn to specialists dealing with rural issues to critically assess the proposed solutions and to prepare their own proposals as regards the Polish countryside in a long-term perspective. In consequence, the project will bring with it a rich cognitive material in the form of a number of authors’ concepts of development.

The elaborated theoretical and methodological bases for visions of spatial development for Polish rural areas will serve as a help in the preparing of national and regional development strategies. The project’s end results in the form of publication will be possibly used by scientific circles and public administration of different levels.

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