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Diagnosis of differentiation for selected elements of spatial structure influencing agricultural economy at the scale of voivodeships

Date: -

Supervisor: Jerzy Bański

Contractors: Jerzy Bański, Konrad Czapiewski

Orderer institution: Instytut Ekonomiki Rolnictwa i Gospodarki Żywnościowej PIB

(project zamawiany)

The study is a specification of the expertise performed in 2007, grasping the examined subject at regional scale (Bański, Czapiewski 2007). The aim of this study is to diagnose the spatial differentiation of the selected socio-economic and natural elements affecting the agricultural production. This objective contributes to developing a model describing the difference in voivodeships’ potential to generate agricultural income. Four categories concerning spatial structure of agriculture determining management effectiveness are analyzed: natural environment, socio-demographic conditions, agricultural land use including agricultural structure and technical infrastructure. The result is a development of numerous   =]indicators concerning differentiation of the listed spatial structure elements in terms of their impact on the agricultural economy.

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