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Influence of investment and some related socio-economic processes on local and regional development in Poland and Slovakia

Date: -

Supervisor in IGSO PAS: Tomasz Komornicki

Contractors: Konrad Czapiewski, Tomasz Komornicki, Mariusz Kowalski, Piotr Rosik, Piotr Siłka, Marek Więckowski, Rafał Wiśniewski

Foreign partner: Institute of Geography SAS

The aim of the joint research project is to recognise, identify, explore as well as evaluate various investment and some related socio-economic processes and their influence in local, regional and national scale on living conditions, quality of life, social well being, economic growth, abilities of building ‘smart’ industries and preserving quality of environment. The task will be accomplished by careful analysis of both successful and unsuccessful examples of investments that took place in recent years (in context of additional financial support from European funds). Initially analysis of various types of investment processes (property investments, infrastructural investments, industrial/technological investments, etc.) and some related socio-economic processes will take place. This step will allow evaluating accomplished investment processes as well as recognizing positive and negative examples. Furthermore influence analysis of investment and some related socio-economic processes on human quality of life and quality of business environment (e.g. through quality evaluation of services of general interests for individuals and businesses) will be performed.

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