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Application of the concepts of sense of place and social capital in the analysis of NIMBY spatial conflicts in Poland's rural areas

Date: -

Supervisor: Jerzy Bański

Contractors: Maria Bednarek-Szczepańska

Orderer institution: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
No.: UMO-2012/07/B/HS4/02938

(project OPUS)

The research proposed in this project will provide an important contribution in explaining the causes, course and effects of spatial conflicts, in which the main actor is the local community, in the rural areas of Poland. The aim of the research is the find answers to the following study questions:

  • What role in shaping the attitudes of opposition to the planned investments or changes in spatial managements has the relation of community to places?
  • How the occurrence of a NIMBY conflict affect the mobilization of local social capital?
  • What are the effects of NIMBY spatial conflicts for the local socio-economic development?

Other objectives include:

  • Identification of patterns and mechanisms of the course of NIMBY conflicts in Poland’s rural areas,
  • Development of NIMBY conflict models considering the nature of the involvement of the local community and the effects of conflict.




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