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Environmental and social changes in river valleys (before and after flooding) in rural areas

Date: -

Supervisor: Mariola Ferenc

Contractors: Michał Konopski, Janusz Księżak

Orderer institution: Fundacja Programów Pomocy dla Rolnictwa FAPA
No.: DI-0731-9/2013


The study has been conducted on behalf of the Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture (FAPA) by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization - Polish Academy of Sciences.

The main objective of the study was to identify the relation between social awareness and management of areas situated in river valleys along with taking action for enhancing education in this field (publication of a newsletter).

Residents of flood-prone areas are not aware of the danger – it appeared real for them during the flood, but after having renovated the houses they do not envisage the possibility of re-flooding. The awareness of the inhabitants so badly affected by the flood of 2010 is blurred by the belief that such a situation will not take place again. The only protection in the event of another flooding are additional floors built, providing the possibility of bringing the belongings at a higher level. After the flooding, more people benefit from special flood insurance.

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