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Zmiany środowiska fizyczno-geograficznego i ich historyczne, kulturowe i społeczne uwarunkowania

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Supervisor: Anna Kowalska

Contractors: Andrzej Affek, Marek Degórski, Ewa Kołaczkowska, Anna Kowalska, Edyta Regulska, Jerzy Solon, Jacek Wolski, Tomasz Związek

Studies are aimed to identify the directions of transformations in physico-geographical environment of Poland and Central Europe, to determine their temporal and spatial range and to pinpoint natural and anthropogenic factors underpinning these changes. They are concerned both with natural and cultural environment of different regions of Poland and Central Europe, combining natural and social aspects of the observed phenomena. Among issues that are addressed by the studies we can mention: changes in the diversity of forest communities, development of road networks, cultural landscapes in the process of making, history of lakes’ development and of soil cover. Research studies cover also methodological issues related to making use of historical cartographic materials and other sources of data. The obtained results may have application as indicators of condition and degree of environmental transformations, as well as of impact of natural phenomena and human activity on environmental components. Knowledge of transformations that have taken place in natural environment makes it possible to prognosticate the future changes, and, too, it can be used for planning actions that take into consideration the principles of sustainable development.


Articles, chapters, papers and others


Abstracts, reviews, notes

  • Belonovskaya Elena, Krenke Alexander, Tishkov Arkadiy, Tsarevskaya Nadezhda, Matuszkiewicz Jan Marek, Kowalska Anna: Conservation of the old-agrarian landscapes for the high biodiversity sustention. [w]: Geography, Culture and Society for our future Earth. International Geographical Union Regional Conference, 17-21 August 2015, Moscow, Russia. Book of Abstracts. Moscow: International Geographical Union, 2015 - s. 30.
  • Kowalska Anna, Kołaczkowska Ewa: Regeneration of forest communities in pine and mixed oak-pine forest habitats in Kampinos National Park – an example of Krzywa Góra forest division. [w]: IGU 2014 Book of Abstracts. Cracow: IGU, 2014 - 1 s.



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