Department of Rural Geography and Local Development

About Department

The Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation of PAS continues reach tradition as regards research studies into rural areas issues – in the past, these studies were taken up by professors: Jerzy Kostrowicki, Andrzej Stasiak, Roman Szczęsny. In 2000, the Rural Areas Study Group, coordinated by Prof. Jerzy Bański, was formed. The research team of this unit was, to a large degree, composed of young researchers that had a broad spectrum of research interests. As of 2011, the Department of Rural Geography and Local Development was officially established.


Research profile

Our research interests are centered around:

  • spatial structure of rural areas
  • contemporary processes occurring in rural areas
  • rural development in Central andEastern Europe
  • methodology of research studies into rural areas issues
  • the Atlas of Rural Areas and the Agricultural Atlas ofPoland
  • small towns and suburban zones
  • spatial organization of agriculture

Other activities:

  • collection of statistical data and archive photographic documents depictingPoland’s rural areas
  • projects and expert evaluations
  • publication of the series - Rural Studies
  • holding seminars and conferences


We are a member of the scientifc networks:

Landscape Tomorrow European Rural Development Network

Our staff

  Prof. Jerzy Bański (Head of Department) Dr. Maria Bednarek-Szczepańska Dr. Konrad Czapiewski Dr. Marcin Mazur Msc. Barbara Solon Msc. Michał Konopski Msc. Tomasz Ryger Msc. Damian Mazurek