Territorial Scenarios and Visions for Europe 2050 (ET2050)

Termin: 2011-06-23 - 2014-12-31

Kierownik: Andreu Ulied

Akronim: ET2050
Partner wiodący: MCRIT LTD
Partner zagraniczny: Free university of Brussels, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Institute for Regional Studies), Politecnico di Milano - BEST (Building Environment Sciences and Technology), International Organization for
Instytucja zamawiająca: Komisja Europejska
Numer projektu: 122/2012
Oficjalna strona projektu

Policymakers in the field of territorial development and cohesion are in need of a future oriented and integrated vision on the development of the European territory. Therefore the ESPON Programme started a territorial vision-building process following a participatory process and involving relevant stakeholders at European, national and regional level. This vision has a strategic character that allows giving direction to the policy debate on territorial development. The project is expected to support and deliver input to the territorial vision-building process by updating, extending and refining the scenario work of ESPON.

To guide and deliver input to this vision-building process, three relevant axes are important:

  1. Sharing a number of stories for understanding territorial cohesion and the main policy objectives for the European territories, its regions and cities;
  2. Supporting European regions and cities in contributing to the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy leading to a polycentric, diverse and sustainable Europe;
  3. Enlarging and further detailing the four key challenges identified as particularly relevant for European regions in the Regions 2020 Study and to integrate prospects for the regions and cities in a long-term European territorial framework.


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