The Sectoral e-Business W@tch

Termin: 2008-10-31 - 2009-10-31

Kierownik w IGiPZ PAN: Dariusz Świątek

Wykonawcy: Dariusz Świątek

Partner wiodący: empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH
Partner zagraniczny: Maria Woerndl (empirica, Niemcy)
Instytucja zamawiająca: Komisja Europejska


The "Sectoral e-Business Watch" studied the impact of ICT and e-business on enterprises, industries and the economy in general. It highlighted barriers for a wider or faster uptake of ICT and identified public policy challenges arising from these developments. In this way, e-Business Watch supported the work of the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate General in the field of ICT (policy context). The overarching themes of the most recent studies were ICT and energy, ICT skills as well as ICT policy.

The eBuinsess Watch website has been archived on the EC’s DG Enterprise and Industry site. Visit the archive >>

The Sectoral e-Business Watch was based on a service contract between DG Enterprise and Industry and empirica GmbH, involving the following main service providers: DIW Berlin, GOPA-Cartermill, IDC EMEA, and Ipsos GmbH (project team).