Climate Research Department


Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Kuchcik

I have always been interested in the applied climatology, the influence of weather, especially extreme conditions, on humans, their reactions, morbidity and mortality. I am also interested in the city climate, especially in the context of the impact of urban structures on the local climate and perceptible conditions, also in the changes of city climate as a result of its development and climate change. Another area in which I am involved is research and assessment of the climate of health resorts and the climatic conditions of spa treatment.

Outside of science - family, friends, travelling, reading fiction and non-fiction (always and everywhere), good music (there is no life without it), Christian Fellowship North - beloved fellowship, good cinema and good coffee.

Dr. Jarosław Baranowski

My main research interest is topoclimatology. I am passionate about field research of the local climate for the needs of various types of human activity. I am also interested in urban climate and the factors influencing precipitation differentiation between within the city and on its periphery.

In my spare time, I like to travel around the world or relax while gardening. I am interested in mountain and sacral tourism and I love Japanese cuisine.


Prof. Krzysztof Błażejczyk

My favourite areas of research activity is human bioclimatology, i.e. impacts of climatic factors on both, life and health of individuals as well as on the functioning of the societies. The research cover various geographical spaces, from local through regional to global and refers to different environments: urban, recreational and health resort areas or mountains. I study these impacts both, in historical scale and under climate features predicted for the future.

Research do not fill all my time and activity. I like to spend time in natural landscapes (mountains, forests, lakeshores). And activity which bring me the greatest enjoy are moments sharing with my family, especially with my seventh grandchildren. If I really have any free time I dedicate it to reading books and to listening classic music.

Dr. Sandra Słowińska

I am a climatologist highly interested in the diversity of microclimates in different ecosystems, especially peatland and forest. I am fascinated by the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors in ecosystems and how they are affected by climate change. I'm also interested in edge effects that occur at the boundary of two or more habitats. Recently, my attention has been drawn to the influence of shading on microclimatic conditions and issues of climate change refugia.

In my spare time, I love exploring nature with my family, reading books, especially non-fiction, and inspiring biographies. Besides, I'm a fan of good coffee and food from all over the world :).

Dr. Katarzyna Lindner-Cendrowska

I am interested in the relationships between climate and various areas of human activity, with a focus on the weather impact on tourism and outdoor forms of recreation. In my research, I pay special attention to the physiological and psychological determinants of weather perception that determine individual thermal preferences. My interests also include the impact of weather conditions and air pollution on the health and well-being of Poles. Recently, I became involved in the project evaluating potential of green and blue infrastructure to improve the city's biothermal conditions.

I like planning trips into the unknown and discovering new flavours in the kitchen, but I also appreciate the time spent at home with family and friends. In my spare time I read a lot (especially fiction) and play board games. My hobbies also include regatta sailing and skiing.

Msc. Kaja Czarnecka

I’m interested in interaction between people and the natural environment, mainly in urban areas. My research concerns various types of pollution – water and air (including light pollution) – and their impact on human body. Moreover, my interests include urban cold and heat islands. I'm also involved in research of climate of health resorts.

I love culture of Japan, handicraft and travels. In my spare time, I watch or read fantasy, listen rock or metal music and walk in the woods with my beloved dog.