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Department of Geoecology

About Department

The Department of Geoecology and Climatology was established on 1st January 2004 as a result of combining the two Departments, i.e., Climatology and Geoecology, which ceased to exist as separate units on 31st December 2003. Professor Marek Degórski was appointed the head of the newly formed research unit. Currently (as of 1 June  2022) there are 9 persons on the staff of the Department. 

Research profile

The Department’s research area is closely related to evaluation of changes that take place in the nature’s properties of environmental elements under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. We carry out studies concerning dynamics of processes occurring in physico-geographical environment, on local as well as supraregional scale and from ecosystem to landscape level, within the area of Poland as well as Central and North Europe. The aim of these investigations is not only a diagnosis of the current state of affairs but also an interpretation of historical changes and prediction of further directions of ongoing evolution. Apart from synthesis of environmental dynamics, we conduct studies with regard to geoecology, bio- and topoclimatology, biogeography, soil geography as well as landscape ecology and its historic transformations.