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  • Head of Library; editor of CBGiOŚ website; E-editor RCIN - room 18
    MSc. Małgorzata Kurowska, phone (22) 697-88-29 
  • Secretary, Geographia Polonica; Przegląd Geograficzny (Polish Geographical Review), editor of IGSO PAS web pages
    B.A. Tomasz Paczuski, phone (22) 697-88-58 
  • Editor of Geographical Documentation/Prace Geograficzne, desktop publishing
    MSc. Tomasz Ryger, phone (22) 697-89-92
  • Distribution of IGSO PAS publications - room 329  


IGSO PAS Publishing Section carries out a mail-order trade in its own publications (cash on delivery or bank transfer made in advance). Orders can be placed e-mail order sent to the following address: wydawnictwa.igpz@twarda.pan.pl. It is our kind request to provide us with exact mail or e-mail address (for order confirmation) as well as with other details (e.g. tax identification number – so called NIP) necessary for appropriate issuing an invoice. Postage is according to the current list of Polish public post service charges. Book and journal prices include VAT.

Payments for publications should be transferred into the following bank account:
BGK 60 1130 1017 0020 1467 8620 0003

Publications can be bought and subscribed to also in following distribution chains: