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GIS and Cartography Workgroup

About Workgroup

The workgroup is a inter-departmental structure established to support GIS infrastructure in IGSO. It's primary objectives are:

  • maintaining digital geographic databases;
  • co-ordinating GIS-related activities between departments;
  • seeking GIS solutions for data processing and presentation;
  • providing cartographic editing for demanding projects.


GIS and Cartography Workgroup was established on 1st January 2011 and it's direct precedessor was Department of Cartography and GIS, which existed as independent unit since 1994. Roots of the Department, and thereby also the Workgroup, reach back into the 1950s. In 1953, just three weeks after the foundation of the Institute of Geography, the Department of Cartography was formed, which was later renamed into the Laboratory of Cartography (1959-1978), and then into the Independent Laboratory of Cartography (1978-1994). The incorporation of emerging GIS technology and it's specialists resulted in Department of the Cartography and GIS, so far biggest cartographic team in the history of IGSO, busy with monumental Atlas of the Republic of Poland and subsequent mainstream cartographic production.