Field study trips have always been an inherent part of each of the Warsaw Regional Forum conference. During these trips there are usually meetings held with representatives of various institutions that play an important part in local development. Thanks to a diverse group of speakers, the participant have an opportunity to confront their own theoretical knowledge with the practicalities of regional and local development. Moreover, every time a route of field study trip is invariably planned in such a way so as to include interesting tourist sites. This year we decided to change a little the formula of the trip. It will be one day trip free of charge (all-inclusive packet covering transport, meals, reception, map and other excursion materials) for all participants of the Forum who confirm it in the Registration Form (attachment № 1).

A study trip before the this year Conference  will provide a possibility to discuss rapid development of suburban zone on the south of Warsaw (dilemma: Vulnerability and resilience of cities), natural and agricultural landscape near Warsaw (dilemma: Resilience of natural environment to spatial and economic changes), new road investments near Warsaw (dilemma: The role of infrastructure in promoting the development and safety in the regions), contemporary situation of fruit producers (dilemma: Stability of local development vs. regional and European policy), social disparities in the metropolitan area (dilemma: Social transformations vs. instability of development) and governance at the local level (dilemma: Public management under varied social and economic conditions).


The study trip will offer opportunity for seeing an exceptional character of the Polish landscape and beauty of its towns and villages.

Cost: free oh charge – (all-inclusive - covers transport, one hotel night, meals, reception, professional guides, maps and other excursion materials).

The study trip starts at 8:00 on 14th of October at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS, Twarda 55/51.



Wyświetl większą mapę


Additionally we would like to invite all the participants to visit The Museum of the History of Polish Jews on Saturday.  During the conference everyone who wants visit the museum will receive free ticket for main exhibitions.


There is possibility to visit the museum individually on the 17th of October. Entrance for the core exhibition takes place at the exact hours, every 15 minutes (limited number of tickets for every hour):

  • 10:00 - the first entrance for the core exhibition
  • 16:00 - last entrance for the core exhibition on Monday, Thursday, Friday
    (visiting the Core Exhibition on Thursdays is free of charge)
  • 18:00 - last entrance for the core exhibition on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Visiting core exhibition can take about 2 hours.

Another possibility is to take part in the guided tours also on the 17th of October.The path is titled Discover the History of Polish Jews. It will take about  2 hours. During this tour 8 galleries are presented, a thousand-year history of Polish Jews from the Middle Ages to the modern times.

There will be two groups. First one will start tour at 10.30 and it will be in Polish. Second grup will start at 10.45 and it will be in English. For both tours number of persons are limited. If you want to take part in one of this tours please make a note in the e-mail. At the momenet there will be another grups (no more tours this day is possible) so registration order will decided who will take part in guided tours.