Department of Environmental Resources and Geohazards


Observations and measurements

Meteorological and hydrological observations in Dobiegniewo are being conducted to various extents since November 1977. In the beginning, these were measurements of air temperature and humidity, ground temperature, speed and wind direction, precipitation, and thickness of snow cover conducted by the observer. In 1999 an automatic weather station "Monitor Weather II" was installed, using which air temperature and humidity, speed and wind direction, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation was recorded. Since 2020 an Onset Hobo weather station has been functioning, which records wind direction and speed at a height of 10 m, air temperature and humidity at a height of 2 m, precipitation, and shortwave radiation with 10 minutes resolution. Ice phenomena observations and measurements of water temperature, water level, and wave height have been made on the Włocławek Reservoir in the period from 1977 to 2011.

Weather station in Dobiegniewo

A control and measurement weir was built 3 km from the station on the Ruda stream. Since 1989, water levels have been measured here, first using a limnigraph and presently using an Onset HOBO recorder with hourly resolution. From 1990-1995 and 2004-2005, hydrologic and hydrochemical monitoring has been also conducted in Ruda stream sub-catchments.

Control and measurement weir on the Ruda stream

In 2017 monitoring program was significantly expanded. Onset water level loggers monitor water levels in Gościąż and Wierzchoń lakes and groundwater levels in 4 piezometers. Chemical monitoring of surface water, groundwater, and precipitation include determinations of temperature, pH, SEC, O2, HCO3˗, SO4, Cl-, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, NH4+, NO2-, NO3˗ PO4, TN, TP. Limnological monitoring in the Gościąż Lake is also conducted. The temperature and conductivity of water are recorded with 30-minute resolution in three measuring verticals located in the lake's long axis. The physicochemical properties of water in all lake layers and the trypton sedimentation rate in the epi- and hypolimnion layers are monitored monthly. Since 2017, the automatic meteorological station Onset Hobo located 2 km away from Gościąż Lake, recorded with hourly resolution temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind direction, and speed. The station also has a precipitation collector, which collects water for stable oxygen and hydrogen isotope analyses.

Weather station in Dąb