Department of Environmental Resources and Geohazards


Research profile

Research carried out in the Dobiegniewo station deals in a broad sense with effects of the Włocławek dam reservoir on abiotic environment, and with the issues relating to relief evolution and functioning of contemporary geoecosystems situated on the bottom of the Vistula valley.

Among most important hitherto achievements are elaborations concerned with::
- morphodynamics of  Włocławek reservoir’s shore zone, including determinant factors behind development of landslides on the right slope of the Vistula valley (Banach 1977, 1994, 1998).
- course of erosion-accumulation processes that take place in the Vistula riverbed beneath the Włocławek dam and above backwater of the reservoir (Babiński 1982, 1992, 1997),
- conditions of transport of suspended particles in water and course of muddiness processes in the reservoir as well as at the stretch of the Vistula situated in its impact zone (Gierszewski 2007, 2011),
- course of sedimentation processes in the Włocławek reservoir (Banach 1993, Gierszewski Szmańda 2007, Gierszewski 2009),
- impact of impounding waters on hydrology of the lower Vistula river (Babiński, Grześ 1995),
- course of ice cover forming and build-up and mechanisms of frazil ice jam formation in the Włocławek reservoir and the lower Vistula river (Grześ 1991),
- impact of hydrotechnical facilities on changes in water chemical properties of the lower Vistula river (Gierszewski 2004),
- impact of the Włocławek reservoir on changes in hydrographic conditions in the Vistula valley (Glazik 1978),
- properties of hydrochemical environment of surface water in the west of Płock Basin and conditions for circulation of water and dissolved material in the fluvial-lacustrine system of the Ruda River catchment (Gierszewski 2000, 2001),
- differentiation of the Skrwa lewa river flow-off (Brykała, 2009).

As a result of the so far carried out numerous studies on the Włocławek reservoir, the lower Vistula river  stretch under the impact of impounding, and the Płock Basin, four post-doctoral habilitation dissertations, six doctoral dissertations and circa 200 scientific articles and notes were altogether published.

At the moment the following topics concerned with the Włocławek reservoir and the lower Vistula river are covered:
- impact of the Włocławek reservoir on transformation in fluvial transport regime of the lower Vistula
- impact of water masses hydrodynamics in the reservoir on differentiation in physico-chemical properties of water and sediments;
- impact of hydrotechnical facilities on transformation in parameters of river beds’ geometry, on the structure and development of relief and on conditions for deposition of sediments in the riverbed.