Department of Geoenvironmental Research



On the Szymbark Research Station, training programmes for the students of the third year of University of Warsaw (Inter-Faculty Studies In Environmental Protection and Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies) are held on a yearly basis – training activities dedicated to evaluation of natural environment condition through the use of various research methods: photo-interpretation and the air and satellite remote sensing systems, radiometric, biometric and hydrologic measurements as well as soil studies.

Didactic activities on an experimental slope in the Szymbark Station

Also, on the Station, students from the Technical College in Gorlice, who study to become technician in environment protection, take part in training activities. Within field training programmes, groups of students from Polish universities such as: The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Jagiellonian University and Pedagogical University of Cracow, can get familiar with research methods employed and with the findings of studies conducted in Szymbark. In addition, numerous groups of students from primary and secondary schools of the Gorlice county visit the Station within the hours of geography or environment protection to learn about the research studies that are here carried out (presented in an accessible and popular format). During a year there are ca. 10 such school groups (altogether around 300 persons). Also, a wide number of different issues is consulted in association with preparing Bachelor, Master and PhD dissertations by many people.

The Station’s Laboratory