Department of Geoenvironmental Research


Budynek Stacji Naukowej IGiPZ PAN w Szymbarku  

The Szymbark Research Station

Head: Assoc. Prof. Małgorzata Kijowska
Staff: Assoc. Prof. Witold Bochenek

Contact: Szymbark 430, 38-311 Szymbark, tel./faks (48-18) 35-13-170

GPS: 49°37'56''N, 21°7'0''E

The Szymbark Research Station of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences was established as of 1965. The then existing Institute of Geography PAS took over the facilities that belonged to the State Agricultural Farm “Stadnina Koni” (A stud) in Siary village, covering  an area of 5.2ha and being a remainder (what had left) after the breaking up of a landed estate “Bystrzyca”. These facilities comprised of: 19th century larch wood manor house, outhouse, utility buildings and natural forest park.