Stanisław Leszczycki Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences (IGSO PAS) was founded in 1953 (initially as the Institute of Geography PAS). The Institute is an important research centre in Poland in the fields of socio-economic geography, physical geography as well as spatial organization. Within the framework of the Institute, the Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection is operating, this being one of the largest library centres of the kind in the world. (more...)

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The first thousand items in Digital Repository of IGSO PAS

We are pleased to inform you that number of records (titles) in our Digital Repository exceed first thousand. 

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Warsaw Regional Forum 2011

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS invites on Warsaw Regional Forum 2011 - Functional regions: towards a new paradigm of territorial and cohesion policy (19-22 October 2011, Warsaw). 

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