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Territorial uncertainty and vulnerability as a challenge for urban and regional policy


The Warsaw Regional Forum is organized on a regular basis once every two years (biennially) by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Republic of Poland and Polish Geographical Society

To date, there have been six meetings held under the common title Warsaw Regional Forum: Central and Eastern Europe: Changing spatial patterns of human activity (2004), The core and peripheral regions in Central and Eastern Europe (2005), Contemporary dilemmas of spatial development in Europe (2007), Networking in the European, regional and local space (2009), Functional regions – towards a new paradigm of territorial and cohesion policy (2011) and Territorial Capital –concepts, indicators & policy (2013). During the six meetings of the Warsaw Regional Forum more than 270 papers have been presented. The research studies dealt with a wide spectrum of themes and the analysis contained within them covered a wide spectrum of spatial scales – ranging from that of the European through the national and regional, to the local level. The participants of all six conferences came from 30 different countries.

The principal topic of the 2015 conference will be concentrated around such problems as vulnerability, uncertainty and resilience of territories. The subject of discussion will be threats of economic (global crisis), environmental, institutional and geopolitical nature. These issues will be analyzed from a perspective of multiple spatial scales at the European, transborder, national, regional, urban and local levels. The conference’s topic fits well into the current ongoing debate over the spatial development that takes place in the EU, combining academic discussion with policies of territorial dimension presently carried out, including especially the cohesion policy (i.a. relating to the EU Sixth Cohesion Report as well as to the outcomes of ESPON findings).

The organizers invite submission of papers concerning different understanding in various countries of the concept of territorial uncertainty   and vulnerability based on a foundation of different sciences across multiple disciplines (geography, economy, sociology, regional studies, spatial planning, environmental studies, etc.) as well as on the basis of political documents of varied level. Certainly, as a complementary result of this discussion, articles will be particularly welcome referring to concrete and tangible cases regarding dynamics and structure of territorial capital of European regions, including the results of research projects touching upon the aforesaid subject matter.


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Our keynote speakers during the conference are:

  • Professor Simin Davoudi - School of Architecture, Planning and LandscapeNewcastle University
  • Kai Böhme - Spatial Foresight GmbH
  • Professor Jacek Szlachta - Warsaw School of Economics


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Warsaw Regional Forum – an overview of first four conferences

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